Lancer Wiki

It's great seeing a Wiki page dedicated to this wonderful and highly underestimated TV show. Contrary to what was said when the show debuted -- the it was a Bonanza or Big Valley clone -- the series was far ahead of its time. The concept of a conflicted family with a lot of heavy baggage was unique: not all that warm and fuzzy from the get-go, with three very distinct and well-honed characters.

And the show was superbly cast. Peeples absolutely knew what he was doing: pitting three strong characters to play against and off each other; no holds barred. Andrew Duggan as the patriarch was brilliant in his portrayal of hard man who had more than paid his dues to secure an empire. Wayne Maunder brought an edginess to a role that could have easily been ruined by a lesser actor; and James Stacy made the role as the younger brother his very own.

Even after all this time, it is impossible to even consider any one else portraying these characters.

The sad part is that the show came into being just as westerns were being phased out: a real tragedy for the fans. Fortunately, Lancer has been kept alive by a legion of fans from all around the world. 20:57, November 18, 2010 (UTC)